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Sr No Business Panel Type  Setup Fee Free ID  New Activation R-Margin M-Balance Monthly Target Free Bonus
1 Recharge Company Rs.40000 Unlimited Rs.50 25P 1Lakh    
2 Master Distributor Rs.20000 100 Rs.75 25p 40000 500,00,000 25P
3 Distributor Rs.10000 50 Rs.100 25P 20000 50,00,000 25P
4 Area Distributor Rs.5000 25 Rs.125 25P 10000 10,00,000 25P
5 Balance Point Rs.2000 10 Rs.150 25P 5000 200,000 25P
6 Recharge Retailer Rs.500 1   1.5 to 3% 2000 30,000 25P
7 Recharge Customer Free 1   0 500 No  

1. Sign Up Now 100% Free.

2. After Sign Up Pay your Activation Fee Rs.600 Our Bank Account

3. After Activation - Now Start all type of Recharge Service.

4. You have receive Gift Balance Rs: 100/- in your user panel

5. Again purchage minimum Balance amount of Rs.1000 to 5000

6. You will receive all massages on your Registered Mobile Number

7. You can recharge from your mobile, through by SMS & Online Recharge

8. You can also operate your account through Internet on your PC & Mobile.

9. SMS formate for all company is mention in SMS formate sheet in user panel


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